Jennifer Moore

Software Engineer


I am an experienced full stack software engineer with a demonstrated history of implementing engineering best practices across several industries. I'm most highly skilled in C#/.Net and Javascript/Node.js. I like to work on high performing teams, and I sincerely believe that continuous testing and delivery with a culture of quality and ownership are what enable that kind of performance.


Skill Keywords
Software Development C#, .Net Framework, Javascript, Node.js, SQL, Docker, Kubernetes, Apache Kafka, React, ReactiveX, TDD/BDD
DevOps Continuous Integration, Jenkins, Git, TFS, Amazon Web Services, Azure DevOps
SDLC TFS, Jira, Test Case Management, Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Pivotal Tracker


Staff Software Engineer, Charles Schwab

2019-08 — Present

I joined Schwab as the technical lead for a development team in the Retail Web Technology group. During that time I worked on development tasks and provided technical guidance and leadership to the rest of the team. I subsequently moved onto another team as the lead developer for a greenfield customer facing person-to-person money transfer web app.

  • Developed internal tooling to simplify the developer workflow and speed up onboarding new developers and new applications.
  • Maintained high standards of quality and code coverage.
  • Developed customer facing single page apps in Angular 7 and 9.
  • Developed middle-tier APIs in C#/.Net Core using Web API.
  • Worked with other development teams to define dependencies and communicate application interfaces.
C#Angular IISWeb APIREST Jira.Net CoreTypeScript

Senior Software Engineer, Solera

2018-10 — 2019-08

At Solera, I worked on customer facing products dealing with state and local laws, taxes, and fees related to vehicle sales, registration, and titling. During my time here, I have continually advocated for greater adoption of engineering best practices. I have also coordinated with other teams in designing new service oriented architectures.

  • Drove improvements in the development process and adoption of best practices, especially code review and unit testing.
  • Worked on a data normalization effort to enable major code refactoring to reduce duplication.
  • Collaborated across multiple teams to define common conventions and interfaces for REST microservices.
  • Implemented intake and cleanup utilities for 3rd party data.

Staff Software Engineer, Allegro Development

2017-11 — 2018-09

At Allegro I led an overseas team in designing and building new features for Allegro's main product, Horizon. I also pushed to advance best practices including unit testing and DevOps.

  • Designed and implemented scripting and automation features in the application. These were used by external clients to ensure data integrity and internally by QA and client services during customer onboarding.
  • Mentored junior developers on design principles and best practices.
  • Improved the packaging and deployment process for development builds to remove manual operations and support CI/CD efforts.

Senior Software Engineer, ParkHub

2017-03 — 2017-09

At Parkhub, I built a new generation of services and infrastructure to allow the company to grow to provide a Global Distribution System for parking inventory and data driven insights for parking operators. I utilized IoT sensors, microservices, and mobile-first offline-first applications. We used a lightweight scrum-like methodology.

  • Designed and built a charting API to transform sensor based parking event data into a format that's easily visualized in graphs or charts.
  • Contributed to the design and development of a microservices architecture based on Kafka and orchestrated with Kubernetes.
  • Developed front end apps, primarily using React and Redux.
  • Conducted code reviews and advocated for best practices related to testing and deployment.
Node.js ReactReduxKafka MicroservicesEvent Sourcing Postgres SQLMongodbDocker KubernetesDevOpsAgile

Senior Software Engineer, Fidelity Investments

2014-06 — 2017-03

As a software engineer, I contributed to the design and implementation of several customer facing and middle tier applications. I also worked to promote best practices and mentored junior team members. In this position I continued to participate in an Agile/Scrum methodology, and I worked mostly with AngularJS and NodeJS.

  • Designed and implemented multiple projects including customer facing apps and middleware services with millions of users.
  • Maintained greater than 90% test coverage for these projects.
  • Worked closely with Product Owner in Scrum process to clarify requirements and adapt them to user stories.
  • Estimated scope of stories and collaborated with the team to share work and meet sprint goals.
  • Promoted best practices using functional techniques and MVVM design patterns.
  • Implemented and maintained the CI/CD pipeline.
Angular 1.x RxJSProtractorSelenium Node.jsExpressC# CI/CDJenkinsJira DevOpsScrumREST

Software Developer, Ambit Energy

2013-10 — 2014-06

During my contract at Ambit I worked on several projects to support back office and development tasks. I built internal tooling including test and automation tools used by QA and other teams.

  • Developed and contributed to the design of an automated test utility called Testify.
  • Integrated with TFS for defect tracking and test case management.
  • Created several utilities to automate common tasks for internal business users.
MS Coded UI C#SeleniumSQL RESTWPFJQuery Entity Framework


BS Software Engineering, University of Texas at Arlington

2006-09 — 2010-06

Majored in Software Engineering, did not graduate

other experience

Director, Women Who Code DFW

2020-05 — 2020-10

As a director, I was a member of the official leadership team for the DFW network of Women Who Code. I planned and organized monthly events; I coordinated with the hosts, sponsors, and presenters during the event; I recruited new hosts and speakers; and I helped to grow and mentor future members of the WWC DFW leadership team.

  • Joined as a member in October 2018 and volunteered frequently.
  • Planned and hosted a virtual discussion panel and multiple tech talks.
  • Wrote articles for the DFW network's blog.
  • Gave multiple tech talks.
  • Mentored other members in professional and technical areas.

Player, Dungeons & Dragons

2000-10 — Present

I've been playing and running D&D and other tabletop role playing games regularly for over 20 years. Through that hobby, I've gained a great deal of experience in working with small groups toward a common goal. Among the many skills I've learned, I feel these are particularly valuable.

  • Quickly learning and teaching complex systems
  • Sharing focus and responsibility with group members
  • Finding balance between keeping focus on a goal with allowing exploration and discovery
  • Maintaining group interest and engagement