Jennifer Moore

Software Engineer


I support engineering teams to grow and become very high performing and effective by fostering psychological safety and engineering best practices. I prefer to work in an environment with a high degree of autonomy and ownership of the development process, so that I can lead my team in iteratively improving that process to make it faster, safer, and more sustainable. I'm seeking to grow or support DevOps cultures and working models, whether or not that comes with a DevOps team.


Skill Keywords
Software Development C#, .Net, Javascript/Typescript, Node.js, Python, SQL, Kubernetes, Docker, TDD/BDD
DevOps CI/CD, OpenTelemetry, Git, Github Actions, AWS, GCP, Azure DevOps
SDLC TFS, Jira, Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Github


Castify Studio, DevOps (Professional)

Node.js OpenTelemetryGCPPostgres DockerKubernetesFeature flags Github Actions

The new Castify Studio product is a 2nd generation of Screencastify's core screen-recording app. This evolves the product from a standalone application into a complete service, which provides a much better experience for the basic record/edit/share workflow, and will enable the company to support a much richer set of features going forward.

I led the DevOps and SRE effort during the latter half of the pre-release development and beyond. In my time here, I've shifted the DevOps team away from a purely reactive catchall group doing infrastructure toil, to one that actively makes improvements to the workflows and process of the whole engineering organization. I've put heavy emphasis on reliability, the developer experience including speed and reliability of CICD, the observability of our systems, and ease and safety of deployment.

  • Containerized architecture in GCP
  • Mix of client-server request-response work, and asynchronous processing mediated through a task queue
  • Emphasis on observability; logs, metrics, traces, with the goal of making system behavior understandable and discoverable
  • Docker compose based local development workflow, including traces and log collection
  • CICD based on Github Actions; beginning to explore other options
  • Feature flags; enabling more rapid and controlled deployments, and as a tool to support operations, customer success, and product decision
  • Blame-aware incident response and retrospectives focussed on building team confidence to participate in future incident response

Smalltalk, Creator (Personal)

Azure ServerlessC#SQL Azure Functions

Smalltalk is an unreleased (for now) app that aims to help distributed teams maintain a sense of personal contact with each other by collecting current local news for the home base of each of the team members.

Smalltalk is an ongoing personal project that I'm building out of a desire to have an app like this. It also serves as a space to experiment and refine my understanding of various cloud architecture patterns. It's built and deployed in Azure, primarily because of the superior cost controls and serverless developer experience.

  • Serverless architecture deployed in Azure
  • Azure functions app
  • Cloud Components architecture
  • Entity framework
  • Frontend TBD, likely Blazor

Parkhub IoT, Developer (Professional)

Kubernetes KafkaMicroservicesNode.js MongoDB

Parkhub's IoT product is a low(er) cost sensor-based system for monitoring occupancy and traffic flow within a parking facility.

In 2017, I helped design and build the initial implementation of an IoT sensor product for Parkhub. The system was designed as an event-driven, microservices architecture, using Apache Kafka as the primary message queue and deployed in self-managed Kubernetes.

  • Microservice architecture
  • Kubernetes on AWS
  • Event-driven and event-sourced
  • Apache Kafka
  • Node.js
  • Multiple service-owned databases, including MongoDB, Cassandra, and PostgreSQL

Fidelity Watchlist, Developer (Professional)

AngularJS RxJSMicroservicesNode.js CI/CD

Fidelity's Watchlist is an equities trading research tool, available to all Fidelity customers (approximately 40 million).

The watchlist application was a greenfield replacement of the front-end web app that I was able to make major contributions to for the first year of the project, up to and beyond the general release to all customers. The existing backend infrastructure was re-used for the rebuild.

  • AngularJS 1.x and RxJS
  • Responsive design
  • Fully automated, continuous integration, test, and deploy
  • Highly performant data-driven UI


Staff Software Engineer, DevOps, Screencastify

2022-05 — 2023-01

Screencastify makes a screen recording application that's popular in k12 education. I joined to grow DevOps practices and culture within the engineering organization, and I think I've been very successful in doing so. This has been a great team and a great experience, where I've been able to put into practice many aspects of a DevOps working model that have been mostly theoretical for me in the past.

Staff Software Engineer, Instil

2021-09 — 2022-03

Instil is an early-stage startup that unfortunately did not have the product-market fit they thought they did when I joined. I tried to promote sustainable and effective development practices to support the team. At the same time, I also developed multiple significant features for their CRM product. But ultimately the unpredictability of searching for a market fit wasn't a good situation for me.

Staff Software Engineer, Charles Schwab

2019-08 — 2021-08

I joined Schwab as the technical lead for a development team in the Retail Web Technology group. I worked on multiple projects, including a greenfield customer-facing cash transfer app. On that and other projects, I worked closely with designers and product owners and other development teams working in parallel to build backend services and mobile features.

Senior Software Engineer, Solera/Title Tech

2018-10 — 2019-08

At Solera, I worked on customer facing products dealing with state and local laws, taxes, and fees related to vehicle sales, registration, and titling. I advocated for greater adoption of engineering best practices, especially surrounding continuous testing and deployment. I also coordinated with other teams in designing new service oriented architectures.

Staff Software Engineer, Allegro Development

2017-11 — 2018-09

At Allegro I led an overseas team in designing and building new features for Allegro's main product, Horizon. I also pushed to advance best practices including unit testing and DevOps.

Senior Software Engineer, ParkHub

2017-03 — 2017-09

At Parkhub, I built a new generation of services and infrastructure for a sensor-based parking lot monitoring service. I utilized IoT sensors, containerized microservices, and Kubernetes.

Senior Software Engineer, Fidelity Investments

2014-06 — 2017-03

As a software engineer, led multiple very successful automated testing efforts. I also played a central role in the design and implementation of customer facing and middle tier applications. I promoted best practices and mentored junior team members throughout these projects.


BS Software Engineering, University of Texas at Arlington

2006-09 — 2010-06

Majored in Software Engineering, no degree

other experience

Director, Women Who Code DFW

2020-05 — 2020-10

As a director, I was a member of the official leadership team for the DFW network of Women Who Code. I planned and organized monthly events; I coordinated with the hosts, sponsors, and presenters during the event; I recruited new hosts and speakers; and I helped to grow and mentor future members of the WWC DFW leadership team.

Player, Dungeons & Dragons

2000-10 — Present

I've been playing and running D&D and other tabletop role playing games regularly for over 20 years. Through that hobby, I've gained a great deal of experience in working with small groups toward a common goal. Among other things, that includes: quickly learning and teaching complex systems, sharing focus and responsibility with the group, and finding balance between working toward a goal and enabling discovery.